Empathetic Bookkeeping: Tailored Solutions for Small Business Success

Transforming Paperwork Piles into Passion-Driven Profitability,
One Client at a Time

Steps to how we work



During this informal 30 minute chat we get to know each other. I'll ask you questions about your business goals and frustrations.



Based on our chat I will put together a custom proposal that works for you and your business.


Action Time

We work together to make sure your business finances are in order. No paperwork avalanches allowed!

What our Clients Say


Thank You for Being You

Shelley, I just want to say thank you for being you. So kind and thoughtful. I really appreciate your wisdom, care and support.



She is amazing! Very good at what she does!

Mike Watson Technician, Carnegie Exterminators

Goes Above and Beyond

Shelley is an amazing bookkeeper. She is always on top of it. She goes above and beyond to give you only her best to make sure your business succeeds. She is talented and an amazing person to work with. HIGHLY recommend!!

Victoria Shlyahovsky

Meet Shelley...

Your new Bookkeeper !

I'm not just another bookkeeper—I'm a staunch advocate for small business owners, the unsung heroes of our communities. With a heart full of admiration for their dedication, I've made it my mission to rescue them from the paperwork avalanche.

Let me be your guide in navigating the ever changing waters of bookkeeping, ensuring your passion drives your business, not paperwork piles. Let's keep your entrepreneurial spirit alive and thriving!

Why Choose Shelley

With a genuine love for small business owners and a firsthand understanding of their struggles, I offer more than just numbers. I bring empathy, organization, and a dedication to freeing you from paperwork woes. Trust me to keep your business afloat while you focus on what truly matters—serving your clients and building your dream.

Organizations & Certifications

I cultivate relationships based on shared experiences, ensuring clients feel understood and supported as I manage your bookkeeping needs.

Proactive Guidance & Profitability

I provide proactive guidance, leveraging firsthand experience to enhance profitability and streamline your bookkeeping processes for sustained success.


I prioritize accessibility, ensuring clients have prompt support, within 2 business days, guaranteeing smooth bookkeeping operations tailored to your requirements.

On Time & Hardworking

I am punctual and diligent, committed to delivering timely and thorough bookkeeping services, ensuring your needs are consistently met.

Turn your bookkeeping nightmare into a dream!


57 E Chestnut Street, Ignite Business Incubator, Washington, PA, 15301, United States of America

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